Artigos Recentes

  1. Aug 30 2017
    Chakras Magnos

    Os chakras são canais dentro do corpo humano (nadis) por onde circula nossa energia vital (o prana) que nutre órgãos e sistemas.

  2. Aug 25 2017
    Entrega de Certificado de Dispensa de Incorporação no Gama

    Como todos sabem, no Brasil a apresentação de jovens ao serviço militar é obrigatório. Nesta sexta-feira (25) houve uma solenidade na praça cívica do Gama para dispensa dos jovens e entrega do CDI (Certificado de Dispensa de Incorporação). Foram dispensados apróximadamente 300 jovens.

  3. Aug 22 2017

    Chacras - do sânscrito – são os centros de força situados no corpo energético e que tem como função principal a absorção de energia (prana, chi) do meio ambiente para o interior do campo energético e do corpo físico. Além disso, servem de ponte energética entre o corpo espiritual e o corpo físico.

  4. Jul 24 2017
    A importância dos mantras

    Palavra que provém do sânscrito e significa linguagem divina, observando que pode ter vários significados que se diferem sutilmente. mantrasImportancia jpg

  5. Jan 15 2017
    Bandido bom é bandido morto

    bandido jpg

  6. Nov 08 2016
    Roubo de Água dos rios da Amazônia!

    navio rouba água

  7. Feb 16 2014
    New feature - Coderay

    After some behind-the-scenes drama, syntax highlighting is finnaly running!

  8. Feb 13 2014
    jQuery conventions

    Javascript (read: jQuery) was something I struggled with in my early days as it can be quite intimidating at times. Here are some of the techniques I have picked up over the years.

  9. Jan 22 2014
    Semantic classes in CSS

    After almost three years of writing CSS at a professional level I have realised something. Its really hard…

  10. Jan 19 2014
    Anthology of Interest III

    A new design came with some new (to me) ways to build. This time focusing on the tech behind the site.

  11. Dec 10 2013
    Accessibility basics

    There are a lot of misconceptions about making websites accessible, but with some simple thinking you can easily make your site more accessible.

  12. Dec 03 2013
    Better related posts

    Adding some customisation and flexibility to my sidebar for a better user experience.

  13. Nov 22 2013
    Dat workflow

    An interesting look through my jekyll workflow of creating a new entry ala Thug Kitchen

  14. Nov 17 2013
    Anthology of Interest II

    For this redesign, I opted with a much more modern approach to design with the majority of it being done in the browser.

  15. Nov 10 2013
    New feature – Disqus

    I hear this social media thing is going to take off…

  16. Nov 09 2013
    Three Little Words

    Three little words that are hard to say: I am done. With them they bring pain, humiliation and the certainty that the project will instantly return with 20 more bugs to address.

  17. Nov 06 2013
    A Pharaoh to Remember

    I don’t always use lorem ipsum, but when I do it’s futurama quotes.

  18. Sep 29 2013
    Anthology of Interest I

    During the design of the site, I wanted to focus two main things: typography and color.

  19. Jun 11 2013
    Double-stranded Sass

    Recently I have been reading a lot about working on large projects and the many ways of developing so that the CSS is doing more for you. To paraphrase the internet the less CSS you write, the less you need to debug. I would like to share an approach that I use in my Sass.

  20. Apr 18 2013
    Git around me

    I have made the move to Git, no surprise there. I have read a lot in the past few months about a “mature” web development work flow with everyone running sites locally, using version control and how bad it was “white screening” a live site. I had already made the switch (and never looked back) to pre-processing my CSS, but GitHub, the command-line (yeh… I’m on windows) and syncing databases where stopping me from going local.